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About Us

Jim and Dori

Jim and Dori own Little Wolf Farm, situated in the beautiful rolling hills of Southwestern Wisconsin. After meeting in Southern Florida, the two moved back to Wisconsin after a tragic accident took the life of Dori's oldest child, Zach and his bulldog, Pudge. Jims dream has always been to get back to the farm, after leaving his family farm in South Dakota for college. This seemed like the right time for both of them to make the move. After building a new home and a barn for their many animals, they decided to name their farm "Little Wolf Farm", in Zach's memory. Zach's Indian name translates to "Little Wolf". When the opportunity to grow Hemp became available in Wisconsin, Jim and Dori began planning, obtained a license and grew 3 acres of Hemp. Not only are they growers, but they developed their own brand of CBD products and soon outgrew the space in their home so eventually opened a new store in Mineral Point, WI . Little Wolf Farm CBD

Zachary and Pudge

In 2016, the Zachary Shawano Memorial Travel Scholarship was formed. Adventure was something Zach took very seriously. He lived every one of his short 26 years as an adventurer. In his memory, family and friends raise money every year and offer scholarships to youth who compose an essay on what "Adventure" means to them, and why they would be a good choice to represent the Scholarship and Zach's memory. Please join us in congratulating the following winners to date:

2017 - Wyatt Reeves and Shayla Chickaway to Ireland

2018 - Robyn Rockwell, Maci Stevens and Ethan Rundell to Beijing, China

2018 - Collen Bailey to Peru and the Amazon

2019 - Sierra Hynes, Avery Barrett, Sawyer Dobson and Kylie Cutts to London, Paris, Florence and Rome.

Portions of all sales from Little Wolf Farm CBD go towards this wonderful scholarship!